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Walk-in Tubs for Elderly & Disabled

Walk-in tubs are special types of bathtubs that cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled. These walk-in bathtubs ensure easy access for those with disabilities and limited mobility. Walk-in bathtubs are a great alternative to a full bathroom remodel and increase safety while bathing.

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About Walk-in Tub

Walk-in tubs are similar to standard models in terms of size and style, but they have one distinct feature - a watertight door that allows for easy access, much like stepping into a shower. If you're looking for a hassle-free installation, choosing a model with the same dimensions as your current tub is a good idea since it typically doesn't require any significant plumbing or structural modifications. Walk-in tubs come in both large and small sizes, and some even include a built-in seat for a luxurious soak. Additionally, there are various features to consider, which are outlined below.

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Fast Drain System

Although the door of a walk-in tub cannot be opened until the water has drained, selecting a model with a fast drain system can considerably shorten the waiting time. Walk-in tubs typically feature a swinging door that provides easy entry and exit. However, due to the design of the door, it cannot be opened until the water has fully drained past the bottom of the frame. To address this issue, some manufacturers like American Standard® have developed patented Quick Drain® technology that can significantly reduce the amount of time required to drain the water after bathing.
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Grab Bars

When choosing a walk-in tub, it's advisable to opt for a model that comes with a built-in grab bar as it can enhance safety. The grab bar is usually positioned to provide assistance when standing up or sitting down, thus reducing the risk of slips and falls.
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Spa Jets

Transforming a regular bathtub into a lavish spa is achievable by installing air and water jets in the unit. Numerous manufacturers offer adjustable nozzles and controls. Air jets placed throughout the tub have gentle massaging properties that can promote blood flow in the extremities. Similarly, adjustable water jets can provide quick relief. The quantity of jets provided varies based on the model and manufacturer. In several cases, the direction and water pressure of individual jets can also be adjusted to provide a personalized and relaxing experience.
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Extendable Shower Attachment

Individuals who desire both rejuvenating showers and soothing soaks can opt for models that are compatible with an extendable, handheld shower attachment.

How Much Does It Cost?

Walk-in tubs are priced similarly to mid to high-range spa and soaking tubs. However, the cost of walk-in tubs varies considerably based on their quality and the features included. On average, the total cost of purchasing and installing a walk-in tub ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. The primary factors that influence the price, aside from the tub's size, are the optional features, such as jet systems, which can increase the final cost of the tub.

Does It Increase the Home’s Value?

The positive aspect is that you may be able to recover a substantial portion of your project's expenses when selling your house. According to the Remodeling Magazine's 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners can anticipate recovering roughly 65 percent of the typical bathroom remodeling costs. The percentage is based on a national average; however, individuals living in the Pacific region could recuperate almost 80 percent of the money invested in their project.